The Wilcox RAID Xe is the culmination of years of technical research and development as well as listening to the needs of the operator. The result is an easy to use, small form factor aiming and illumination device that sets the standard for optical performance for extreme beam clarity and optimal combat identification.

The RAID Xe’s single co-aligned optical bench houses a visible laser (VIS), near infrared laser (NIR) and NIR Illuminator. The unique single windage and elevation adjustment allows operators to set one zero for the entire optical bench with one adjustment. User defined functions on the remote allow for a “heads up, eye out” posture. As a class 3R low power laser aiming device, the RAID Xe is designed specifically for the military and law enforcement including special forces, SWAT and security personnel.

More then any other electro-optics manufacturer, Wilcox has led in the development and delivery of VSCEL technology. The RAID Xe’s NIR VCSEL room illuminator combined with the variable NIR VCSEL illuminator features a best in class, speckle free solution in low or no light environments increasing an operator’s ability to move through varying environments effectively. The ergonomically positioned illuminator wheel allows easy rapid adjustment of the NIR illuminator beam divergence in any combat scenario. This gives the operator control to focus IR light in a tight area or illuminate a large area. The native power steps allow fast, on-the-fly IR adjustment from long to short range.

The RAID Xe product is securely mounted on any Picatinny style 1913 rail. The light-weight, low-profile stance does not interfere with most optics or iron sights and can be used on multiple weapon platforms providing rock-solid boresight retention increasing the operator’s effectiveness and situational awareness.

Product Brochure

Technical Brief

Features and Benefits

  • One optical bench houses either red or green VIS laser, NIR laser and adjustable NIR VCSEL illuminator
  • Adjustable NIR VCSEL illuminator and wide angle fixed NIR VCSEL Room illuminator project precise, speckle-free beams for extreme clarity and optimal combat identification
  • Fixed NIR room illuminator provides 40o flood capabilities
  • Optical bench is aligned to the weapon by one windage and one elevation adjustment
  • Powered by one (1) CR123 3V battery providing approximately 8 hours of product usage at max settings
  • Mounts to any 1913 Picatinny rail secured by 2 shock nuts
  • Multi-function keypads provide flexibility in programing custom options
  • Five (5) selectable pulse modes on VIS/NIR lasers settings
  • On-the-fly laser brightness adjustment
  • Security tethered loop tie down
  • Remote port accepts Wilcox line of ERGOCTOTM XeTM Activation Keypads and ERGOCTO Xe Control
    Grips (optional)
  • Optional ERGOCTOTM XeTM Activation Keypads provides three user defined functions regardless of
    switch position