The Wilcox RAAM GSS is an exportable version of the US Army selected and current production Grenadier Sighting System (NSN: 1010-01-686-8798). It has proven to increase hit probability by significantly enhancing daytime and nighttime grenadier accuracy, while simultaneously decreasing target engagement time. With this unsurpassed performance, the ergonomic design incorporates many ease-of-use features. The RAAM GSS is designed for ambidextrous, left or right hand, mounting to any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny side rail interface affixed to assault weapon (s) or a standalone man portable Grenade Launcher. It incorporates features for the quickest and easiest boresighting to the Grenade Launcher for simplicity and maintaining high accuracy, day and night.

The RAAM GSS is a lightweight fire control system (FCS) that features a built-in ballistic computer that provides a shooting solution for the target distance selected by the grenadier. The user simply selects the grenade ammunition type from the stored ballistic solutions from the RAAM GSS menu or pre- programmed 2 position switch quick ammunition selector; this tailors the point of aim and point of impact for the selected ammunition. Rotating the RAAM GSS sets the angle aiming references and corresponding target distance is displayed for the selected ammunition. The RAAM GSS features an environmentally stable optical bench with integral reflex sight (with back-up iron sight) for daytime use as well as near infrared (NIR) aiming laser and NIR illuminator for use in conjunction with night vision goggles.

Product Overview

Features and Benefits

  • Unique quick and easy bore sighting to grenade launcher
  • Reflex sight with integral back-up iron sights for rapid and accurate engagements
  • NIR aiming laser for rapid and accurate engagements at night
  • NIR illuminator provides increased recognition at night
  • Aiming references to correspond to ballistic range
  • User selectable ballistic solution for ammunition
  • Quick selector for 2 pre-programmed ballistic solutions
  • Environmental sensor reads temperature, pressure, humidity, inclination, cant and heading
  • Cant Indicator for increased accuracy when firing
  • Sleep mode with auto wake-up to preserve battery
  • Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 rail without modification
  • Battery Compartment houses one (1) AA battery
  • No special tools required for installation or removal
  • Easy to read LED display in meter increments
  • Separate mount for use with stand alone grenade launcher