The Wilcox MRFTM Xe is the next generation in the MRF line of products. As a class 3R low power laser aiming device, the MRF Xe is designed specifically for the millitary and law enforcement markets.

The MRF Xe is a smaller, lighter, stronger laser ranging device with uncompromising performance superior to its predecessor. The built-in networking capabilities and user interface give the MRF Xe superior maintenance and replenishment connectivity with key auxiliary devices. These leading-edge features increase the warfighter’s lethality and situational awareness.

Weapon and bullet information can be entered into the MRF Xe through any paired mobile device and with the application of proprietary third party software. Once the data is entered, the MFR Xe captures both the environmental conditions transmitted from the sensor suite and the distance to the target transmitted by the precision laser range finder to the onboard computer instantly providing a ballistic solution to the user.

The MRF Xe is available in low power red laser configuration for easy boresight alignment. The red laser and laser range finder are housed in a unique optical bench that is environmentally stable in complex combat conditions.

The MRF Xe can be paired with various sighting products on the market providing a ballistic solution to a device that can disturb the reticle for faster engagements and maximized lethality.

When the MRF Xe product is securely mounted on any Picatinny style 1913 rail, it provides rock-solid boresight retention to the weapon.

Wilcox MRF Xe Brochure

Features and Benefits

  • One optical bench houses the red VIS laser and LRF
  • Optical bench is aligned to weapon by one windage and one elevation adjustment
  • Powered by one (1) CR123 3V battery
  • Mounts to any 1913 Picatinny rail secured by 2 shock nuts
  • Multi-function keypad provide flexibility in programing custom options
  • Five (5) selectable pulse modes on VIS laser settings
  • Selectable or auto adjustable laser brightness settings
  • Security tethered loop tie down
  • Bluetooth interface provides key information on mobile devices and connectivity to auxiliary devices
  • User interchangeable modular visor/laser safety cover
  • On-board ballistic computer calculates temperature, pressure, humidity, inclination, cant and heading
  • Eye safe LRF operation measures 2000 meters to a man-sized target
  • Large OLED display outputs ballistic solution in MIL, MOA & INCHES
  • Programmable database stores up to 30 rifle and ammo profiles
  • Remote port accepts Wilcox line of ERGOCTOTM XeTM Activation Keypads and ERGOCTO Xe Control Grips (optional)